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Biochemical Restoration

Holistic medicine identifying imbalances in you body and treat the underlying causes.

Latest Technology-based Treatment

Evidence based techniques: Neurofeedback, tDCS, Sound & Safe Protocol, ...

24h Live-In Case Manager

A live-in case manager will be accompany and support you throughout your stay.

Bespoke Treatment Program

We create a 100% tailored treatment plan base on initial assessments.

one client at a time

bespoke. discrete. luxurious

What makes us special?

A Team of Professionals

Our team consists of psychiatrist, psychotherapists, addiction specialists, and a wide range of complementary therapists. All work hand in hand adjusting your treatment experience every day.

Latest and Holistic Techniques and Methods

We use evidence based therapies and technologies to provide a holistic experience addressing mind, body and sould recovery.

Luxury Accommodation for Highest Comfort to feel Safe

We understand that recovery can only happen once you start to feel safe. We are dedicated to provide you an exceptional environment to support your healing.

Luxury Residences and Premium Hospitality with attention to details

  • Private Residence
  • Personal Chef
  • Housekeeping & Limousine Service

Focusing on the root causes and not just the symptoms

We treat the widest range of addiction and mental health issues

Alcohol Addiction

Drug Addiction

Dual Diagnosis

Anxiety Disorder

Eating Disorder


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